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    Types of Business Automation Software

    A competitive advantage separates a successful business from its competitors. The best way to get a competitive advantage over your competition is to turn towards technology. A few decades ago, people realized that technology is the future. Although people did not come around right away, but now everyone knows that the more you hinge on technology, the better you would do in the market.

    The whole concept of business automation revolutionized the way people did business. The sheer number of business automation types is evidence that we are all dependent on technology to a great extent. No matter what we tell ourselves, the numbers do not lie and they say that whatever humans can do, machines can do better.

    There are many business automation types and they range from simple to very complicated ones. Here are a few of the business automation types.

    Business Process Management

    Business process management involves combining all the working parts that are present in a business. The world-renowned Enterprise Resource Planning’ software programs are an example of business process management. What these ERP programs do is that they link all the resources required for a certain product or service. After linking all the resources, they provide the user with a requirements plan. Through this, businesses can plan all their operations that would go into making the required product or providing the required service. These ERP programs were a huge success when they came out. People realized that these programs could eliminate the margin for human error and help them cut their costs. The ERP programs are now used in almost all of the big companies all over the world. These big companies include hotel chains, manufacturers of all sorts, restaurants and companies from all the other fields. Even hospitals depend on ERP programs for their resource planning these days.

    Desktop Automation

    Other business automation types include Desktop Automation’. Desktop automation entails the presence of programs in a computer that are intelligent enough to perform certain actions without any external aid. The actions can include anything ranging from entering some data to opening and closing of a program. The desktop automation is also very helpful because it eliminates the need for hiring people to do menial jobs. Many businesses use desktop automation and with the ongoing advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence, a lot of people would lose their jobs in the near future.

    Intelligent Process Automation

    Among all the business automation types, intelligent process automation is the most underrated. Intelligent process automation makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The whole idea of intelligent process automation is that when it reaches its pinnacle, humans would not need to do anything related to an assembly line. The machines would eventually do all those tasks and will most definitely to a better job than humans.

    Robotic Process Automation

    All of the business automation types lead to machines doing the jobs humans do. Robotic process automation is a business automation type in which a program behaves to an interface like a real person. Although it is not popular right now, it will be everywhere in the coming years.